Are you an MSP struggling to find a better way to present the results of a technical assessment to your prospects?

If so, audIT is exactly the tool you’ve been looking for! You can even use it for QBR’s with existing clients.


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Imagine that you can help your prospects step back and review all aspects of their technology in a way that sets you apart from the competition and lets you sell higher value IT solutions.


you’ve had plenty of tools to gather technical data but if you’re like many IT professionals, you struggle to present the data in a way your prospects and clients can easily understand. IT Audit Shrewsbury

You may even spend hours or days putting your presentations together, only to watch your prospect’s eyes glaze over.

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What audIT Gives You

is a way to take whatever data you have, however you’ve collected it and with whatever tools, and turn it into a color coded, simply scored and weighted, easily understandable report with supporting infographics so you can sell based on emotion instead of logic, without ever wondering how to explain complex concepts again.

Better Yet,

you can create compelling presentations in minutes instead of hours or days, and track historical results over time from initial contact with a prospect through Quarterly Business Reviews with clients.


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    Evaluate your prospect’s IT environment across four main areas: Infrastructure, Security, Managed Support & Services and an optional Telecommunications category. Choose 9 individual items to evaluate within each category, from virus protection to security, backup and disaster recovery, and even abstract concepts like business continuity, scalability and more. Then weight and score each item based on your IT personality. We’ve made it easy for you to get started by creating a few Cloud and Managed Service templates that you can use to start conducting audITs right away.

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    Once you’ve customized your templates, it’s time to start building the audIT. Using the data you’ve collected with the tools and techniques you typically use during the fact-finding stage of your technical analysis, choose from a selection of predefined summary statements to bottom-line each audIT item. You can even create your own custom summary statements specific to each prospect or client situation. Based on the weights you’ve chosen for each item, you now have the ability to generate an audIT score that truly reflects the overall state of your prospect or client’s IT environment.

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    We’ve made it easy for you to make an emotional impact by color coding each audIT item and summarizing the results in a single page. Subsequent pages allow you to demonstrate the importance of each individual audIT item using your Summary Statements without the need for any technical jargon. When you show a client or prospect an audIT report, they’ll immediately be able to see and understand the deficiencies in their IT environment. We’ve also included a simple way to compare what your prospects and clients are spending with what they’re effectively spending based on their audIT score. This helps level the playing field and makes it easier for you to sell solutions based on value and not price.

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    Explain technical concepts with a full library of visually consistent infographics that make it easy to convey complex and abstract ideas. An infographic is automatically generated in your audIT report for each area that shows a deficiency. Paired with your proposal, these artfully designed infographics will help your prospects and clients understand why each audIT item is important. Leave them behind to reinforce your recommendations long after you’ve left the meeting.



Sales Presentation Red Bank

Instead of waiting for a prospect, run an audIT on an existing client to show where weaknesses exist in their current IT environment. But hurry… run an audIT on your clients before your competition runs one on them as a prospect and points out weaknesses that you failed to mention.

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Keep your clients on an upgrade path by using audIT as part of your Quarterly Business Reviews. audIT helps you to sell based on emotion, which means your clients are naturally going to wonder when their reports will be all “green.”


Ask for referrals based on the problem you solve instead of the products you sell. Instead of asking for a referral to someone who needs a firewall or cloud solution, now you can ask your clients to refer you to someone who could benefit from the audIT process.


Many IT professionals give away a technical analysis for free as part of the prospecting process. But now with a customized audIT report you can have the confidence to sell audITs and stop working for free. You’ll end up with a more engaged and better qualified prospect, and as an added incentive you can credit the cost of the audIT back to their first month’s payment when they sign with you.

Our Story

We struggled to take technical data and turn it into a report that
prospects could understand.

Audit Program Eatontown

For a long time we’ve been told that a technical assessment is the best way to attract high quality prospects and accelerate sales. From industry experts to peer groups, the message has been clear: conduct a technical assessment on your prospects and use it to sell your services!

But for a long time we’ve watched IT professionals struggle to take their technical data and turn it into a report that prospects could understand. Too often, we watched as professionals had to scale back their offerings to meet the arbitrary price expectations of cost-conscious business owners.

We saw businesses suffer the consequences of price shopping instead of understanding value, from data loss to security issues and down time.

We struggled with the same exact thing – how to sell the services a prospect really needed and not just the ones they thought they could afford. We struggled to find something we were confident enough to present to prospects and what we found were a lot of tools for gathering data but a void when it came to presenting it in a way that wasn’t steeped in complex terms and industry jargon.

And we wanted to do something about it.

We wanted to find a way to help IT professionals take their data and present it in a way that would make an impact. We wanted to do it without buzzwords and jargon so that business owners would immediately understand concepts that were sometimes hard to explain. We wanted to make sure that not only could we explain complex concepts, but that the presentation would stick with our prospects long after we’d left the meeting and not turn into a paperweight on someone’s desk or another pile for the shredder.

We wanted to make it simple so that it wouldn’t take hours to put together a report. And we wanted to make the time spent on those reports worthwhile, which meant they needed to be not only practical but visually beautiful, too.

Most importantly, we wanted to help IT professionals demonstrate the true value of their services far beyond just the “cost.”

We decided to build something to do exactly that.

We knew it had to be holistic and cover all aspects of a business’s IT environment. We knew it had to be based on emotion and not logic so we could easily demonstrate dangerous gaps in a business’s existing IT services. We knew it had to have a financial component so we could show the effective cost of a prospect’s IT environment – not just the perceived cost.

And we knew that if we could do that, we’d have the opportunity to elevate the quality of IT services across the industry. IT professionals would finally have a way to sell their high-value solutions to prospects who understood the value. And businesses would finally get the level of service they needed.

IT Audit Red Bank
Sales Presentation Eatontown

So we assembled a team of experts

– from IT veterans to programmers and designers – to build the audIT Sales Presentation System.

We want it to help you attract better prospects, to sell the value of your solutions and to elevate the quality of IT solutions available to small and mid size businesses everywhere.

Elevate your IT services.
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The audIT Sales Presentation System is about more than just a tool – it’s about building a community of IT professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality IT services. It’s about elevating IT so that you are viewed as a true expert and not just “the computer guy.”

That’s why we’re planning the audIT for IT podcast where we’ll talk with industry professionals and experts about everything from creative ways to sell, to solutions that elevate the quality of IT services for everyone.

We’ll let you know as soon as our first episode is live!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are audITors?

    audITors are any users within your organization who you want to empower to run an audIT on your prospects or clients.

  • What are audITees?

    audITees are any prospects or clients that you run an audIT on. You can run multiple audITs on an auditee and they are organized into a historical audIT trail.

  • How safe is my information with audIT?

    audIT takes the privacy and security of your data seriously. Visit our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages for more information.

  • How will my subscription be billed?

    audIT is a monthly subscription in US Dollars (USD). Your credit card will be billed monthly and based on your billing date. Any applicable taxes will also be charged in USD.

  • How do I change my credit card, upgrade, downgrade or cancel?

    We make it very easy to manage your subscription. Once inside your application, just click on the subscription option to manage everything.