Don’t Let Another Bad Sales Presentation Stop You From Being the Hero!

  • Are you overwhelmed by the mere thought of cobbling together your next sales presentation?
  • Does it take you more than 60 minutes to put together a sales presentation (or more than 30 minutes for a business review)?
  • Are your sales presentations overly technical and confusing to your clients and prospects?
  • Are you frustrated that your prospects and clients won't buy the solutions they so desperately need?
  • Are you wondering why your clients are declining new services?
  • Do you find yourself lowering your prices to ultimately make the sale?

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Don’t Let Another Bad Sales Presentation Stop You From
Helping Businesses in Need!

Help More Businesses

Simplify your presentation, spend less time selling and reach more SMBs.

Close More Deals

Easily explain the value you provide and never lose another deal based on price again.

Upsell With Ease

Standardize your business reviews and upsell and cross sell to existing clients.

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Now more than ever, business owners need MSPs. The problem is that most MSPs confuse prospects with bewildering IT jargon. We created a sales presentation system to help you save time and clarify your sales process so you can help more businesses and close more deals!

IT Professionals Believe in audIT


Scott Beck

This web based presentation software was a brilliant idea. Must say, REALLY like the ease of use and logical layout. On my first audIT I landed the deal. I believe part of it certainly was audIT. Numbers comparison, with the colored boxes worked perfectly. Batting 1000 so far!



Sean Robertson

Just did my first QBR using AudIT. Sold 10 computers, a new server and Managed DNS. Of course the question, "How do I make the remaining red ones green?" was asked. Building the remainder of their budget over the next few weeks.

Strategic Technology Associates


Kimberly Biglin

I close 97% of sales with audIT

PCH Technilogies


David Henderson

Brought in tens of thousands of dollars after only 3 uses

The Altus Group


Leonard Galati

A five hour process with mediocre results is now only one hour with amazing results thanks to audIT

Cyber Team


Jason Kidman

I decided to cancel audIT and went to a different tool more focused on the VCIO aspect. I liked it because it really digs into the detail. But after 10 minutes with the client their eyes were glazing over. After I did it on a few clients with the same result I realized I had made a big mistake. We switched back to audIT and it just worked. I realized I had to give the client or prospect a report they want to see, not what I myself would want to see. They want something simple, easy to understand and audIT just shines there. And we’ve been a client and loving it ever since.

SOS Support

Stop Wasting Time On Terrible Sales Presentations!

Most MSPs waste too much time trying to close new leads with horrendous and confusing sales presentations. We get it. Our team has over 50 years experience owning and operating MSPs and we want you to learn from our mistakes and successes.

We want to help you break free from the many entanglements that are holding you back from reaching your potential as a MSP. If we have learned anything over the years, it is this…

Your clients do not understand what you offer!

If you are like most MSPs, you probably try to impress your sales prospects with lots of data and intricate presentations to “wow” your potential customers or upsell current clients.

But here’s the thing. All you’re doing is CONFUSING your potential client!

Even worse, these presentations take hours to create and have terrible close rates.

This leaves you spending too much of your valuable time laboring over individualized presentations that won’t help you save small businesses or grow your company.

This is absolutely insane. You have worked too hard and put in too much effort to not reap the benefits of running a successful MSP.

Don’t fret, my friend. We have been in your shoes and know how to solve this problem.

1. Stop confusing your leads with confusing reports and sales presentations
2. Conduct quarterly business reviews using the audIT sales presentation system.
3. You need a sales presentation system that clearly reflects your value and helps you solve customer problems.

Business owners desperately need your IT skills and knowledge in today’s ever-changing world.

Use audIT to clearly communicate your business’ value while helping your clients overcome challenges only you understand.

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$197 4 100 $247
$247 5 250 $297
$297 10 500 $347
$397 25 Unlimited $447
$497 Unlimited Unlimited $547

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