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For MSPs Who Want To Close More Sales,
Increase MRR And Grow Their Business

audIT is a SAAS tool that MSPs use to quickly and easily create visual, simple, non-technical, and persuasive sales presentations that close more high-ticket IT deals with little to no price resistance!

Here's what audIT can do for you
and your MSP:

  • Close more sales - audIT users have as high as 70% close rate
  • Increase MRR - audIT users charge higher prices and generate more revenue through up-sell and cross-sells
  • Save time - audIT users create enterprise level sales presentations in under an hour

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audIT Can Help Your MSP Grow

"When we use audIT, it helps the deal close quicker and for bigger numbers. audIT has helped us drive a huge increase in MRR and has more than paid for itself within the first month. audIT is easy to use, easy to learn, easy to implement and it increases MRR."

Mike Bloomfield

Tekie Geek

"audIT has been a game-changer for InfoTECH Solutions. The relatable way that we can show prospects and clients their current IT environment vs a future state helps move us from a seller to a trusted advisor. It has shortened our sales cycle and allowed us to increase our average per seat price by 20%. I would recommend this tool to any MSP having issues growing their business"

Bryan Wyble

InfoTECH Solutions, LLC

audIT Was Created For MSPs By An MSP

Here’s why Frank DeBenedetto spent years building and perfecting the audIT presentation

  • He was losing deals on price because his sales presentations were overly technical and as a result, his prospects were confused and just didn’t understand the value.
  • He wanted a repeatable way to create enterprise level presentations in under an hour.
  • After years of hard work the audIT software was launched
  • Frank started not only closing at over 70%, he was able to raise prices and sell a truly complete solution
  • In a few short years, Frank went from closing deals at only $1,500 per month to today where he is regularly closing $20,000 MRR deals.
  • Today, thousands of MSPs all over the world are using audIT to close more sales, increase MRR and grow their business in the same way

“When I get a new client, during the transition the outgoing MSP always says the same thing to me. They say, I don’t know how you got them to buy all this. I’ve been trying to get them to do this stuff for years. I now hear the same report from our audIT users.”

Frank DeBenedetto

Founder of audIT &
Nj Based MSP

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