MSP Sales Presentations

Here's How To Use audIT So You Can Close More High
Value IT Deals With Little To No Price Resistance

Make An Impact

  • Show the 30k foot view of their entire IT environment. This executive summary is easy for them to understand
  • Keep it simple so they completely understand what's happening in their business and where the deficiencies are.
  • Engage their emotions through the design, colors and score of this first page of the presentation

Keep It Simple

  • Get to the point. Non-technical businesses don't want to get into the weeds. They just want to know what's wrong.
  • Show them the simple summary statements that gives the bottom line. Non-technical businesses love that you're just telling them what they need to know without confusion.
  • Focus on what it means to their business. At the end of the day, your customers don't care about the technology. They care about what it means to their business.

Show Them The Business Impact

  • Your customers don't buy technology. They buy solutions to their problems. audIT let's you clearly show the problem in language they understand.
  • More than the problem, the real value comes when you connect the problem to the impact it will have on their business.
  • The audIT business impact summary statements allow you to drive home what it means to their business growth. This is where the value lives.

Show The Value Gap And Win The Deal

  • The "gap" is where the value (and money) lives. The wider the gap, the more money to be made.
  • Compare where they are today with their current provider and where you're going to take them.
  • If you're like the average audIT user, you've never had such an easy time closing a deal. And you've never avoided the typical price objections and questions so easily.
  • audIT makes it easy for you to demonstrate the value in such a way that gets the prospect asking you if they can buy. The simplest sales tool ever available to MSPs is waiting for you to get started today.