Is audIT A Sales Or QBR Presentation Tool For MSPs

Here’s A Question We Get Asked A Lot

What is audIT? Is it a sales tool for MSPs? Is it a QBR tool for MSPs? Something else?

Sometimes I think what audIT does and the way it works is so simple that MSPs get confused by it. Not to mention there’s really nothing else like audIT available to MSPs. So we’re in the unique position of having to explain something brand spanking new in the MSP marketplace. This isn’t bragging… it’s just fact.

In a nutshell, here’s what audIT is: Two things

* It is both a sales presentation tool for MSPs
* and it is a QBR presentation tool for MSPs

audIT In A Nutshell

Here’s What audIT Is Not

It’s not a data collection tool. It’s not an automation tool that will pull data from all of your different tools and create a complex, confusing and overly technical report.

If you’re looking for something where you can push a button and print a report, audIT is not for you. And this is actually something that makes audIT a strategic advantage / secret weapon for your MSP.

This is because while your competition is giving them the same tech-laden, unimpressive and sometimes down-right ugly reports; you can wow them with something they will instantly understand and appreciate. This elevates you above everyone else your competing with.

Here’s What audIT Really Is

A sales tool that creates sales presentations that are so simple and easy to understand that a teenager can clearly see what’s good, bad and ugly. It un-confuses tech to the point where you can have a business conversation with your client instead of confusing them with techno-speak.

And this makes you far more valuable than the rest. And more value equals more revenue.

This Is Why Clients Reject QBRs

Do you do reviews quarterly with your clients? A lot of MSPs don’t. Because their clients see no need in making an appointment with you every three months to be confused by you. Or they assume you’re just coming in to sell them some new thing they think they don’t need.

But if you’re not in front of your clients every quarter, another MSP may be. They are waiting in the wings to steal your client away.

QBRs will keep your clients your clients. And it will allow you to generate more revenue by providing the best products and services. But this only happens when they’re happy to see you every three months and don’t have their defenses up waiting for yet another sales pitch.

audIT Keeps The Conversation At A Business Level

The magic of the audIT presentation is that your prospects and clients will understand it. You’re no longer trying to explain complex concepts that make their eyes glaze over. Now you’re having a business conversation with them and they will very much appreciate this and look forward to your visits.

Say goodbye to having to be the lowest priced MSP. Say hello to a much easier sales process whether it’s closing a prospect or getting your current client to say yes to an upgrade they desperately need.

See If For Yourself

Don’t take my word for it. Check out the testimonials on our site. Download a copy of an audIT presentation to see exactly what it looks like. Then take audIT for a test drive free for 15 days. I guarantee you’ll love it!