How Does The Data Get Into audIT?

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Here it is, the top question(s) we get asked at audIT. It’s usually the first question out of the mouth of an MSP looking into audIT.

They are:

Does audIT scan the network?

Does audIT pull in data from other tools like Rapid Fire Tools?

How does the data get into audIT?

But the interesting part of these questions is MSPs ask it for different reasons.

Customization Basics – audIT Expert Series

In the years audIT has been around, the most requested feature has been customization. MSPs all over the world who use audIT for their sales and business review presentations have been seeing tremendous results.

Now with the customization feature, MSPs have even more flexibility to make their audITs unique to their business.

Is audIT A Sales Or QBR Presentation Tool For MSPs

Here’s A Question We Get Asked A Lot
What is audIT? Is it a sales tool for MSPs? Is it a QBR tool for MSPs? Something else?

Sometimes I think what audIT does and the way it works is so simple that MSPs get confused by it. Not to mention there’s really nothing else like audIT available to MSPs. So we’re in the unique position of having to explain something brand spanking new in the MSP marketplace.