audIT MSP Insider | DominionTech Case Study

audIT MSP Insider | DominionTech Case Study

Long time audIT user Brian Curtis, President of DominionTech in Vermont was gracious enough to sit down with me and talk about his MSP in this interview. Brian shared a ton of great information including how he built his sales team, lead-gen, his growth over the years and more.

DominionTech is an 18 person MSP with a 4 million a year run rate. They have experienced big growth over the past few years.

Since using audIT he has grown 30% year over year. Brian uses audIT for both sales presentations and business reviews.

Here's the full 29 minute interview with Brian

This is jam packed with great, real world business advice any MSP can use to grow (no matter how big or small).

Don't have time to watch the full video yet? Here's some key takeaways from the interview.

These are short 'bytes' where Brian shared some particularly useful information. I highly recommend you watch the entire video. But these quick bytes are short, sweet and packed with some profitable tips.

How he uses Rapid Fire Tools with audIT

His number one lead source

How they find COI partners

So you want to hire a sales person? Here's what you need to know...

Here's how much time and pay to give your new sales person

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