3 audIT Plays With Vic Levinson From Prime Telecommunications

3 audIT Plays With Vic Levinson From Prime Telecommunications

Vic Levinson is the President and Owner of Prime Telecommunications in Skokie, IL. His company has been around for 30 years primarily in telecom. Recently, Prime has made the move into managed services.

In our ongoing series:  ‘3 audIT plays’, audIT users like Vic share 3 plays, (tips, tricks, and secrets) they use when selling to prospects or in business reviews (or both) with their current clients. Vic joins us in this episode to share how he is using audIT in his MSP.

Vic is using audIT for both his sales presentations as well as in his technical business reviews.

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What problem was Vic having before signing up with audIT?

The process and tools he used to create sales and business review presentations were cumbersome for his technicians and hard for his sales team to understand.

Seeking the information he needed to build these reports was very difficult. Internally it was causing issues he knew he needed to fix.

He also did not want to be too invasive during the discovery. Vic wanted to create a report he can give to someone that will be significant. Something that the business owner will want to read.

audIT was the simple, non-invasive, and time-saving tool he was looking for. It also provides a way to present that doesn’t give away a roadmap of what they’re doing.

He loves that audIT is an easy way to present the findings of their assessments in a way that made sense to their customers and got buy-in before he even put his quote together.

What happened after you signed up for audIT?

He was able to use it to design his own easy-to-understand communications and collaboration audit.

He found the simple questionnaire helpful during his technical assessments to fact-find. He also really liked that the audIT report didn’t get so deep into the technology that it gave away the blueprint of what they were providing.

And of course, it let him present their findings in a way the non-technical customer can understand. As well, audIT was an improvement over what he had available to him. It was finally something the customer wanted to read.

What is life like today after using audIT all this time?

audIT has become an integrated part of his marketing process and it closes sales.

His MSP has been able to “punch above their weight class” with audIT. They have been able to move from smaller prospects to larger opportunities. They can do this because they are much better able to communicate value now.

His clients have a much greater understanding of their solution in a way that could not be misunderstood.

Play #1 - Design and customize the audit template around what you want to sell.

Everyone is different and needs to play to their strengths. Designing their own question lets them control the conversation.

Using the business Impact statements allows MSPs to have a business conversation. Vic highly recommends making use of these in your custom design.

Play #2:  -Talk in English

Your clients don’t want to talk about the tech. Think of all those three-letter acronyms as swear words that cost you $1 each time you use them.

It’s all about the business impact. If they bring up the tech, go for it. But if they don’t, stay away.

If he could, he’d charge everyone $25 every time they used an acronym in front of a customer.

He believes his role is to educate. This is because confused people don’t buy.

The other tools he used were too full of jargon and confused his clients.

Play #3 - Don’t be intimidated by the audIT platform.

audIT really is an easy-to-use tool. Vic says: “Don't break your brain”. If you need help designing or customizing, contact audIT and Bryan will get your problem sorted quickly.

Then make sure what you have is intelligent. Review a sample assessment with a friend to gain confidence.

If things don’t seem like they are working, contact support and get training. Free onboarding and ongoing help is easy to get.

3.1- Is about making improvements.

As you gain experience, make changes to your templates or the way you deliver the audIT. Use what you learn to improve.

He feels that people should practice the delivery of their audITs so they get comfortable at presenting.

Here are the 3 plays shared by Vic:

  • Play #1 - Design and customize the audit template around what you want to sell
  • Play #2 - Talk in English
  • Play #3 - Don’t be intimidated by the audIT platform and make improvements as you learn the system

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