Overcoming Objections For MSPs

Before I share how you can overcome objections, let’s have a reality check. There are a few truths when it comes to sales and objections:

1: The only way to never hear an objection is to stop selling. As much as I’d love to tell you that you can do this to never hear an objection again, that just isn’t reality.

3 audIT Plays With Greg Durnan From Acacia IT

Greg Durnan is the owner of Acacia IT a Tucson Arizona MSP and has been a long time audIT user. In business for 30 years now with 13 employees and one part time phone prospector, Greg has grown a very successful MSP

I was pleased to have Greg as my first guest on a brand-new series called ‘3 audIT plays’. In this series, audIT users share 3 plays, (tips, tricks, and secrets) they use when selling to prospects or in business reviews with their current clients.

Never Sell IT Services Off A Quote Or Proposal

If you’re using a quote or proposal to sell off… Stop. Right. There.

Here’s the only good that comes from selling off a quote or proposal. And it only benefits your prospect in ways you probably don’t want it to:

They will turn right to the price
While you’re talking about how great you are and what you can do for them, all they are going to be thinking about is price
They will probably just tune you right out and fixate on price
When you leave, they’ll use your proposal or quote for what it is: a parts list
They will shop your parts list around to other MSPs or back to their own
If you’re not the cheapest option, you’ll probably lose the deal

Here’s why that happens
People always want to buy the best.

How To Create A Proposed audIT That Sells

You have a prospect and want to create an audIT for them. If you’re an audIT user, here’s how you should do it.
But first, what is Gap Selling?
In the book Gap Selling by Keenan, he explains it as this: Gap selling is a process of tactfully challenging buyers’ assumptions, exposing (and sometimes confirming) the true size of their problem, then correctly assessing the impact it will have on their lives.

MSP Sales Tools: The Correct Way To Create An audIT

Every now and then I get asked by an audit user how they should make their outputted sales presentation look. They want to know if they should make sure there are enough red items on their report to make it look more compelling to their prospect. Some ask if they should put less red on the report when using the audIT presentation in a QBR/TBR to make themselves look better.

The Big List Of Prospecting Mistakes MSPs Make

In my 20 plus years as a sales professional, I have kept a list of prospecting mistakes to avoid at all costs. The list started small many years ago. And I have added to it as I learn from both experience and my continual study of sales and prospecting specifically.

MSP Taps audIT To Develop Non-Technical Sales Process

Nathan Howell is Vice President of Sales and Development at Advantec Solutions, Inc. When Nathan came to the Oklahoma City based MSP, he brought 20 plus years of sales experience with him.

What Nathan did not have was IT experience. In fact, he was brand new to the IT industry.