How To Do Quarterly Business Reviews: A Simple System For MSPs

How To Do Quarterly Business Reviews: A Simple System For MSPs

How to uncover hidden sales opportunities with QBRs that clients love

I am going to be blunt. If you’re not doing QBRs on your key clients (or clients you want to become key clients), you are missing a huge opportunity. And this WILL keep your MSP from growing.

audIT founder and MSP Frank DeBenedetto has spent the last few months doing something that has put his MSP in a position for extreme growth. And it starts with QBRs.

He simply set out to grow his per client MRR. And it's had some dramatic results.

Not only has he recently increased MRR by over 12k per month... he did it while cutting 2 clients.

We recently put this together into a program to help MSPs do the same. We turned Frank’s process into a simple system any MSP can implement. It’s available to any MSP who wants it. But first...

Why you should do QBRs

I had lunch with audIT user Lenny Galati recently. Lenny was a guest on our MSP Insider series.

We talked a lot about QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews). And he made a comment at lunch that crystalized what I’ve known for a long time: QBRs are hidden sales opportunities. But it won’t feel that way to your client.

Like many MSPs who use audIT for QBRs, he’s not going out and hard selling. In fact, his clients don’t look at his presentation and think he’s selling anything in any way.

Everyone is happy

Through his process, he has earned a seat at the table with his clients. They look at him as a member of their executive team.

He doesn’t go in as a tech. He goes in as a the vCIO.

They trust him and know when he says to do something, it’s not a sales pitch. It’s their top technology pro in their company advising them. This is the paradigm shift that changes the equation and your value.

This is why QBRs are so bloody important. For the MSP this means more revenue, naturally.

But more importantly, it means better service to your client. And when you’re inside the circle of trust like Lenny is, there’s not much risk of you losing that client.

Is this why you’re not doing QBRs?

The biggest objection to QBRs I hear from MSPs not doing them is:

1. They can’t get the appointment because the client doesn’t want it or...
2. Their client thinks they are ’selling’ them (or more realistically, they think their client will think they’re ’selling’)

This first objection is usually because the client is not seeing the value in sitting down with you every three months. The second objection, many times, is in the MSPs head.

The truth is, most MSPs go into QBRs talking tech and pushing quotes across the table.  Technical presentations will not show them how their business is doing and what they should do to improve it. There’s no value to the client so it's no surprise they will be resistant to QBRs.

And what we have found in years of client feedback from audIT users is because…

They don’t understand them

audIT was created as a sales presentation system by Frank DeBenedetto. He was losing deals on price.

He believed it was because his clients were not seeing his value. And he got fed up and created audIT so he had a way to easily explain value.

What he quickly realized is QBRs were still a sales presentation. So he began using them on his key clients.

But because they are so simple to understand, they are appreciated. They earn the MSP much more trust. They are transforming the MSP from tech to trusted advisor.

But as I mentioned in the beginning of this article, Frank recently took it to the next level. And it’s had such a dramatic affect, we shared it with our users on a live webinar.

You can have the system

The response to the webinar was nothing short of amazing. We didn’t realize how many MSPs are not doing QBRs and want this kind of help.

We took the webinar and all of the tools Frank uses and turned it into a system MSPs can easily implement. And, as much as we’d love you to use audIT, you don’t need to be a user to use this system. It will work with whatever your QBR process is.

The system we’ve put together for you contains:

  • Training video
  • Frank’s Quarterly Business Review process and QBR process flow chart
  • Client Solution Stack sample
  • QBR Calendar sample
  • QBR Meeting Email Confirmation
  • Sample QBR audIT report
  • Sample QBR package

To get the entire kit, just click here.