If Your MSP Were A Car, Which Of These Would It Be?

If Your MSP Were A Car, Which Of These Would It Be?

The real reason a prospect decides not to hire your MSP (and it is not price)

I have a question for you. Imagine you need to purchase a car but there are only three left on Earth to choose from. How would you choose which one to buy?

Each car is exactly what you want. They're all the same color.

All are brand new with exactly zero miles. They all have identical features from rims to radio to sunroof to material on the seats.

There is not a shred of difference between them. So how would you choose knowing all three are identical down to the atom?

What would YOU do?

My guess is you’d flip a coin. Or you’d just climb into the one closest to you.

Now what if there was one difference? Price.

Each car is still identical but one costs 25k, one 26k and the last one 27k. Which would you choose now?

My guess is you’re going to choose the cheapest one without blinking an eye. You’d be a fool not to, right?

Put yourself in your prospect's shoes

Now imagine you are one of two other MSPs. To them, you all look and sound exactly the same.

You are saying the same things. You’re offering the same service.

But one is the cheapest option.

Which one will the prospect choose?

Have you ever been told some other MSP says they can do the exact same thing only cheaper? What’s your answer to that question?

Price is only ever an issue in the absence of value

So if they chose someone cheaper than you, it’s almost always NOT because the other MSP costs less. It may feel that way, but it's not.

The real reason... they just didn’t see the value of paying you more. You are no different than the other MSP except for the price.

People want to pay the least for the most

Let’s go back to our car example. Except this time your three choices are a used beat up Hyundai Elantra, an off lease Honda Civic with about 45k miles on it, and a brand new BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe which is normally about $100k.

If you happen to have $100k to spend on a car, which one would you purchase?

The Gran Coupe you say? Why?

Because it’s the best car that you can afford. That’s why.

You clearly see the value. It’s plain as day.

A case for keeping it simple to demonstrate value

The problem with IT is it’s a little more confusing to the buyer than your average car purchase. Cars are simple. It’s why the value in the above example is pretty clear.

All people buy value first. People say they want the cheapest price. But I promise you they do not want the cheapest service.

No one ever walks into a car dealer and asks for their biggest piece of crap car.

“Today I’d like to take the one car most likely to break down during my ride home.”, says no one ever.

Ideally they’d love to get in a BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe for the price of a used beat up Hyundai. But they sure know that is far fetched. Likely if all they can afford was the Hyundai, I’d wager to guess they won’t even venture near a BMW dealer.

There certainly comes a point where you don’t need to spend $100k on a car. You just may not (yet) be able to afford that.

But you can afford the best car for the money. It may not be an expensive car. But it will be the best one you can afford.

All people want the most value for the buck

Your prospect is no different. But it isn’t you they can’t afford.

It may be a full time employee at $100k a year they can’t afford. But you, they can afford. Otherwise-as long as you’ve qualified them first-you wouldn’t be doing a technical assessment and quoting them.

Your job is to simply make your value as obvious to them as possible. It starts by making your presentation as simple for them to understand as the difference between a used beat up Hyundai, an off lease Honda Civic with about 45k miles on it, and a brand new BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe.

If your presentation is even the slightest bit confusing to them, they won’t understand the value. And if they don’t understand the value, they will focus on the price. And now you and the two other MSPs you're competing against are just three 100% identical cars all at different prices.