MSP NEWS: Super Easy Prospecting That Any MSP Can Do

MSP NEWS: Super Easy Prospecting That Any MSP Can Do

People, me included, over think prospecting. I think I need a system and get in my own head. Many times, the truth is it’s just fear of hearing ‘No’. So, I make up all sorts of reasons not to start. Sound familiar?

When this negative self-talk enters my mind, I have a very simple prospecting method.

I use it in times like these when I need to just get out of my own way. It helps me put one foot in front of the other and get moving.

And once I do the first one something magical happens. I realize that wasn’t so bad.

Here’s what I do; I put a short list of 10, 20, 30 prospects together in order of hotness. Hottest prospects at the top.

Grab the names, phone and email of the people I talked to last year who didn’t become a client and start reaching out to them.

Want to make it even easier? Forget putting a list together and just grab a handful of business cards and call some. If you do any kind of networking, I bet you have a stack.

Don’t know what to say? Why not start with ‘Hey, this is (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE) from (INSERT YOUR BUSINESS HERE). We had connected in the past and just wanted to see if I can be a referral source for you.

Who doesn’t like referrals? No pressure. Simple. Easy.

The important thing is to not worry about what will happen next. Not to stress yourself out that you need a script. Let the conversation go where it goes.

I bet if you called a few prospects and opened with something simple like that, you might find some are interested in getting to know you better. And I bet a few of those will be interested in having you take a look at their IT. Or maybe they know someone who needs help with their IT they can refer you to.

How do I know this? Because I’ve done it and it works.

Want to just get down to brass tax? Once you break the ice, tell them you’re hosting a seminar on Cyber Security next month and you’d like to put them down as attending. Of course, make sure to host one.

Figure out a date later. The bottom line is this: Just do something.

I discussed this topic in even more detail with my friend and Cybersecurity Sherpa, Jennifer Bleam. We went deep into this and there's some great ideas, tips and hopefully a lot of motivation for you to get prospecting fast!

After you watch the video make sure to download her free Cybersecurity roadmap she mentioned.