MSP News: Prospecting Tips With George Bardissi From bvoip

MSP News: Prospecting Tips With George Bardissi From bvoip

Every MSP must bring on new clients to sustain and grow their business. Which is why I have written a few different blog posts recently on prospecting. You can read about easy prospecting here and another about the 4 questions to answer before prospecting here.

In this video I was joined by George Bardissi, Founder and CEO of bvoip, a Channel-Only VoIP service company.

bvoip began as an MSP based out of Philadelphia. In addition to bvoip, George is still an active MSP.

George was gracious enough to share a ton of great advice on prospecting.

One of the things I love about George’s approach is his creativity. He finds new, interesting and fun ways to get in front of prospects and stay there.

There are some real gems in this 20-minute video that are sure to spark an idea or two on how you can make prospecting work wonders for your MSP.

Key takeaways from my discussion with George Bardissi

How MSPs get new business will either be from hunting or farming. Prospecting is the hunting part.

Not everyone is good at it. But it is a skill anyone can acquire. The simple trick is to learn how to make small talk.

Prospecting is a must. If you’re not doing it, you’ll be unhappy because business ebbs and flows. Because of this, you have to continuously be bringing on new clients.

Experts say you’ll lose 12% of your customer base per year through normal attrition if you do nothing. And if you continue that without bringing on any new clients, you’ll eventually get to zero.

How does George do it?

It’s not just about one thing. He uses a multi phased approach to prospecting.

And for George, it’s all about getting creative. For example, your prospects may not answer the phone, but they will definitely open a box.

Emails and phone calls work. But usually in conjunction with something else.

George said his best advice; it’s more beneficial if you’re driving someone to something. “Can you join me at a lunch and learn, webinar, after hours meetup”, for example.

This will elevate your efforts as opposed to just calling and pitching. The prospect will be far more likely to take your call, respond to your email, if it’s something more than just ‘become my client now’.

George stressed the importance of having a plan. You certainly can have success just picking up the phone and making calls. But with a plan, you will have better results

George feels the best way is in person. Anywhere you can strike up a conversation. Getting in front of people will always work better than email, phone, social media or even video chat like what George and I are doing.

And not just doing it once. It’s a continuous approach.

He stresses being in the right places, show up consistently and build rapport. Be ready for the right moment someone needs what you do even if it takes multiple touches.

George shared several ways to think outside the box and get creative. People are hit so many different ways, you have to find a way to standout.

Doesn’t need to be all business. George hosted a tailgating event in the Eagles parking lot for his clients.

Imagine doing something like this for your clients and having them bring one of their business connections? Your clients will love it and you may get a referral out of it.

George recommends knowing your local schedule for whatever your mile radius around you is. Know what’s happening from local chamber events to who is opening a new building.

George learned of a company near his MSP that was hosting a ribbon cutting. He reached out to that company and offered to host a lunch in the neighboring restaurant after their event. They had small bites with a bill of just $275. But 50 people were there, and he ended up with 2 MSP clients from that promotion.

Don’t worry about reinventing the wheel. But definitely augment the wheel. And, at the end of the day remember, it really comes down to just taking action and doing it.