MSP News: Old School Prospecting That Works With Lee Sawyer

MSP News: Old School Prospecting That Works With Lee Sawyer

In this video I’m joined by Lee Sawyer, VP of Business Development at Rudick Innovation & Technology.

Lee has experience selling in the financial services as well as medical equipment fields. He is now selling IT services for Rudick Innovation & Technology.

In this interview Lee and I talk prospecting as part of our continuing series on prospecting. Make sure to check out all of the videos in the series linked below.

First, register for our upcoming webinar with Lee

Before you watch this video, make sure to register for the upcoming webinar we’ll be doing with Lee on February 25th. He’s agreed to share his process for presenting IT services and closing deals. Click here to register now.

Selling higher ticket services, Lee discovered early that to win he needed to focus on building relationships. Lee’s approach to prospecting focuses on simply building a relationship.

Lee is a big advocate of simply walking through a door and introducing himself. This may make many readers shudder as most people prefer to sit behind their computer and push buttons to prospect.

The idea of door knocking is not for the faint of heart. But Lee makes it simple. And he’s got the results to back it up.

Key takeaways from my discussion with Lee Sawyer

  • Why he instantly saw the value in audIT and a little on how he’s using it
  • Why he loves yellow boxes even more than red
  • How strategic relationships like the one he has with AT&T lead to a major opportunity
  • Why and how door knocking is easier to do than people think and how it leads to success faster
  • If you can start a conversation with someone, you can use Lee’s process
  • The multi-million dollar deal the owner of Ruddick Group landed by just walking through a door
  • How MSPs can get started prospecting like Lee today: His simple system

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And make sure to Click here to register now for our upcoming webinar (or the recording if you're reading this after February 25th) with audIT user Lee Sawyer.