How Does The Data Get Into audIT?

How Does The Data Get Into audIT?

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Here it is, the top question(s) we get asked at audIT. It’s usually the first question out of the mouth of an MSP looking into audIT.

They are:

Does audIT scan the network?

Does audIT pull in data from other tools like Rapid Fire Tools?

How does the data get into audIT?

But the interesting part of these questions is MSPs ask it for different reasons.

Some don’t want to use technical oriented tools in the assessments, sales presentations and QBRs (business reviews).

Some want to know the best way to use these technically oriented tools during their assessments, sales presentations and business reviews in tandem with audIT. They want to continue using the tools they have and want to know how audIT will shorten the time it takes to create a top-quality presentation.

Others simply want to press an easy button. They want to scan some machines and have a simple presentation that pops out the other side in an instant. And they want to report to be non-technical and able to help them close the sale.

And they want to do it without having to take time to analyze the data to understand what it means. They do not want to put any kind of presentation together at all. They want to pull data from somewhere and shoot out the presentation.

And on this Facebook Live/podcast episode, audIT founder Frank DeBenedetto and I share the answers to all these questions.

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