Using audIT For QBRs/TBRs/ABRs: Case Study with Chadwick Holloman

Using audIT For QBRs/TBRs/ABRs: Case Study with Chadwick Holloman


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One of my personal great joys is to hear how audIT is helping an MSP. It truly is rewarding to hear that audIT is bringing in revenue and making it easy for our users to do their jobs.

So I was thrilled to have Chadwick Holloman join me as well as the founder of audIT, Frank DeBenedetto, for this great case study. Chadwick’s title is ‘Complication Resolver’ (which I just love) at Technosis MSP in Wisconsin.

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It started when Chadwick reached out with a quick support question. After I responded he then told me that the audIT report is the center focus of all of their TBR meetings and has been a smashing success. He told me they sing the praises of the platform to anyone that will listen.

So, naturally I asked Chadwick if he would come onto a Zoom chat with myself and Frank. He graciously agreed and shared a load of great insight into how he uses audIT. What he shares should help any MSP looking to make audIT a part of their TBR/QBR process.

Chadwick shares his own backstory. Plus he gives insight into how he’s using audIT and some great ideas that fellow MSPs will find very valuable.

Key take-aways:

  • What happens once you get into the 2nd, 3rd and more quarters where the client has seen the audIT. This is where the magic happens.
  • How longer technical presentations glaze their eyes over.
  • How they are doing their TBRs virtually and why it is a benefit.
  • Details are important. If other MSPs could see how Chadwick’s meetings were before audIT compared to now, they would see how much easier, more on target and how well it answers all the client’s questions. The clients then end up feeling great about what was covered.