Why Every MSP Should Have A Gifting Strategy And How To Do It

Why Every MSP Should Have A Gifting Strategy And How To Do It


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I was joined by my good friend, Doctor Chocolate, aka Michael Sauvageau. Michael is one of the founders of Noteworthy Chocolates, a Bethel CT based gifting company.

Noteworthy Chocolates is actually the world’s only personalized chocolate engraving service. They create and send personalized engraved chocolate gifts and favors.

Not only does Michael run a really cool company, he’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business gifting.

I invited Michael to share his insights into how businesses can leverage gifting services like theirs to generate more quality appointments, referrals and customer retention.

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Here’s some highlights from our 32-minute interview:

  • Most business gifts are a giant miss. Landfills are chock full of gifts that missed the mark.
  • Too many people miss the point of gifting which is to make an impact
  • Make the gift feel like you really went out of your way to send this great gift
  • Gifting should be memorable, thoughtful and easy for the person sending the gift
  • Examples of how several businesses are using gifting for prospects and clients

A great thing about Michael’s company; everyone either loves chocolate or knows someone within arm’s length who does. Kind of a universally appreciated gift.

But the big reason I absolutely think Noteworthy Chocolates is a slam dunk for business gifting is you can do just one. You don’t need to make a bulk order. They can literally send just one gift to just one recipient.

If you want an impactful business gifting solution, I highly recommend you have a conversation with them at Noteworthy. They create a simple template for you and you just email them who and when to send it.