Fear vs Desire And How It Can Help In Sales Presentations

Fear vs Desire And How It Can Help In Sales Presentations


My wife has been working for the same company for years. She’s a hard worker and good at what she does.

She’s also grossly underpaid and overworked. She’s the kind of worker who will do whatever she is asked even if it means her working nights and weekends to get it done.

So, for her abilities and work ethic she is rewarded by being paid far less than what she deserves and given more work than she can get done in a 50-hour work week.

And as a software engineer, she is very employable. If she quit, she’d easily find a better company that would pay her significantly more. And she is also well aware of all these facts.

So why doesn’t she dust off her resume and start interviewing? Because of emotional triggers.

Triggers control us all. They dictate what we want and what we do.

One trigger will overpower another. For example, seeing a bag of money by a tree ripe for the taking will trigger the greed emotion. However, if there was a pack of wolves sitting in front of the same bag of money, a different trigger (fear) would overpower the greed trigger.

For her, the fear of unknown is a stronger trigger than the desire for a better job. It’s that simple.

Until something happens in her job to flip that, she will never even explore the possibility of leaving.

And something did. She got laid off.

That made the desire of finding a new job far more powerful than her fear of interviewing. And it sprung her right into action.

How does this affect us as MSPs selling IT services? If the fear that comes from prospecting outweighs the desire to bring on new clients, you won’t take action. That’s how it affects you.

How do you fix it so you do what you know you should despite the fear? You have to find ways to trick your mind into dreading the fear of not prospecting more.

But even more important, how does this effect your clients and prospects?

If they fear making a change from their current MSP more than they desire hiring you, the sale will be lost. So, your job is to build that desire in them to the point where nothing will scare them.

Pain is not enough. You need to not only find and reveal the pain, you need to find and combat any trigger holding them back.

Luckily, you’ve got audIT in your corner. audIT shows prospects and clients how bad it will be if they don’t make a change. And it clearly presents the value in a way that builds massive desire.

Make sure you’re using audIT to trigger the right emotions and win the sale!