What You Can Expect When You Use audIT For QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews)

What You Can Expect When You Use audIT For QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews)


Are you doing regular business reviews with your clients? If you’re not, you’re leaving the door open for a competitor to swoop in and steal them. Plus, you’re also leaving money on the table.

Selling doesn’t end when you close a client. Business reviews are an important part of the sales process. You have to re-sell your value frequently as well as persuade them to upgrade to new and better services as needed.

And that means using a sales presentation in reviews

There’s plenty of tools you have at your disposal as an MSP that will assist you in your business reviews. But leading with the audIT presentation will dramatically increase your upgrade close rate.

If you have not yet started using audIT in business reviews, here’s the best way to start.

Simply start making appointments to meet with your clients for a quick review. Let them know this is not a technical review… it’s a business review so they can see the progress made, how it impacts their business and discuss any questions or issues.

Let them know you can accommodate them virtually. With audIT, you can not only print hard copies, you can generate your presentation into a PowerPoint making it easy to run VBRs (virtual business reviews).

Start with your biggest clients and work backwards. When you start with audIT, we also recommend doing this with clients who are the easiest to work with. This gives you the ability to really ease into the process until you feel comfortable. But don’t worry… that won’t take long at all.

Here’s what you can expect to see once you start introducing audIT into your business review process

Phase 1: Intro to audit

This will be the very first time your client sees the audIT presentation.

Your clients are learning about the presentation. Won’t take them long to see the value.

They will probably tell you they got more out of it than anything else they have seen from you. We hear that a lot.

The reason for this is that audIT is so simple, they find it much easier to understand. If you’ve been using more technically oriented reports in the past, you will literally see their eyes light up with interest and curiosity when they see an audIT.

When your clients understand it, they are more engaged and involved. And when that happens, they will desire to make your recommended changes with far greater ease than you may be used to now.

Phase 2: Conversion comfort level

After they have seen the audIT a few times, something really cool happens. They will very simply just want to turn red or yellow to green.

At this point, their eyes go right to the red box and they want to know what it means. They may simply say, “How much to turn that green”?

This is where upgrades become almost automatic. Most audIT users report they make money every time they present a business review.

Phase 3: You just broke the Matrix

This is where things get fun. The client no longer needs to even ask you how much to turn something green. They literally expect you to roll out a new service that would have been red and just explain it later.

Things like security related services they know they need are great examples of this. They don’t want something to happen and then hear about it.

This is where the magic happens. This is why one audIT user added $1,800 of MRR in the beginning of the pandemic when other MSPs were freaking out and cutting costs.

Get started with audIT

If you’re not yet using audIT, make sure to download a sample report to see what an audIT looks like. And then sign up for our free 15-day trial.

Start generating beautiful sales presentations that really work today!