Be There – Mastering The Sell 5

Be There – Mastering The Sell 5


This is part 5 covering one step to Mastering The Sell, an ongoing series that explores how to transform the process of selling to achieve champion level results. Make sure to go back to the original article titled the Sale Vs The Sell. Each of the articles in the series can be found there.

Be More Than Just Their MSP

Frank DeBenedetto is more than the founder of audIT. He’s a very successful MSP.

One of the secrets to his success has been his business review process. Once he created the audIT system, he stopped confusing his clients with technical deep dives during reviews that made his clients eyes glaze over. Instead, he used the audIT presentation.

Many MSPs want to get way too deep into the details and the tech in business reviews with their clients. audIT does not do this.

The truth is, many times, this is what the MSP wants… not what their client wants. The client wants to simply know, in as little time as possible, where they are and what they should be aware of.

For Frank, many times, the business review takes as little as 10 minutes. He takes out the audIT and the client focus on what might be red or yellow. It gives them a high-level snapshot of their environment. And his clients easily decide to upgrade to fix those reds and yellow. Not because Frank ’sold’ them but because they understood the issues and made the decision on their own.

If the client wants more technical detail, Frank can always get into that. But it becomes the client’s choice and many times, they truly appreciate the simple and high-level summary. This is why Frank’s clients never avoid his business review meetings like many other MSP clients’ do.

When the review process takes as little as 10 minutes, this gives Frank a lot of time to build the relationship. To talk about the client and their business. It transitions from a technical or sales-centric meeting into a social call. And when it moves to social call, that’s where deep bonds are formed, and the relationship goes far beyond business.

This is about being there for your clients

Not just for the sale. For their life.

What happens after the sale really matters. Do you close the book and move on? If so, you’re taking your client for granted.

If you only reach out to your client when you are looking for contract renewal or upgrades, they will see you as simply another ’salesperson’ only looking out for their own interest. But when you’re there for them in times there’s no sale opportunity, they will see you in a much different light.

You’re a friend. You’re a trusted advisor who really cares. And this, ultimately, will help you keep your clients happy and buying more.

Here’s a few ways you can be there

Check in when they’re not looking

The last thing you want is for them to assume the only time you call on them is when you want more money. Send an email or call them just to say “hi”. Nothing wrong with letting them know you were thinking about them and wanted to just check in to say “hi” and make sure everything is going well.

Be proactive

You solve problems all the time they may not be aware of. Let them know.

And don’t wait until they have a complaint or concern to alert them to what you did. If you see something came up that you resolved, tell them.

Send a card

The power of a handwritten card is incredible. It leaves a lasting impression.

I have a friend who is a successful attorney. Every time I see him, he sends me a handwritten note thanking me and telling me how nice it was to see me. He does this for anyone and everyone whether a client or a friend. And he is loved, remembered and referred because of it.

Show up on their social

Make sure you are friends and connected on social media. Comment on their posts.

Show up socially

I have a very good friend who started out as my realtor. He knows I like good wine and so does he. Bought me a nice bottle when we closed on our house.

He always used to invite me to wine tastings that he went to. One was for a charity he also sponsored, and I finally joined him for it.

Eventually we became great friends outside of work. This, of course, cannot be forced. You have to like the person. You’re not required to invite every client to Thanksgiving.

But if you know your client is having a function, go support it. Invite them to things they might enjoy. It can be a ton of fun and you may make lifelong friends.

Know them

Keep a file on your clients. Take not of their likes, interests, special occasions, milestones, etc. Anything you can learn about them is great to keep track of.

A simple acknowledgment that they are having a work anniversary can have a tremendous impact.

Send them news they can use

You have a ton of resources available to you from your partners. For example, ID Agent does a phenomenal job of sharing content you can share to your clients on Cybersecurity. Share it on social media, send it in an email, make a video about it.

Hold an informational/educational event 

Build an event designed to help them. Not sell them but educate them.

And it does not always have to be themed around IT services. You can bring experts together to add value to their business.

For example, bring in guest presenters that can educate your clients on marketing or growing their business or just simply a networking mixer. They will see you as the hero who made it happen.

Hold a fun event

Invite them to a party. Host a trivia night on Zoom.

Send them referrals

You cannot force something like this. But think of ways you can connect people. If you’re always thinking about this, you will find ways to connect them with a possible referral.

A great way to start is just asking them what kind of referrals would be best for them. Let them know you network and want to be able to send them referrals.

Provide informational business reviews with audIT

I opened this article with the story of how audIT founder, Frank DeBenedetto has transformed business reviews into non sales meetings that provide value.

This is your best opportunity to be there for them regularly without them feeling like you’re trying to sell them something. You will also find it easy to set these appointments because these are not technical deep dives that clients dread. These are your golden opportunity to increase revenue through upgrades while taking your relationship with your client to new levels.