The Sale Vs The Sell

The Sale Vs The Sell

Sales is in my title. But it’s not what I do.

‘Sales’ is a noun. ‘Selling’ is a verb.

When you make a sale, you’ve acquired something. You acquire a thing. A noun. You have money (your pay/revenue).

When you are selling, you are doing. You are working toward acquiring the noun.

Thinking this way makes it easier to realize something important. The noun comes from the verb. Or the ‘thing’ comes from the ‘action’.

Sales is transaction driven. Selling is process driven.

Sales stops when money is handed over. Sales focuses on the exchange of money. When you make a sale, you’re done.

Selling focuses on everything you do to get to the sale. It is the actions that make a sale possible.

A sale is a yes or no decision.

Selling is the process of getting to a yes or no decision.

Selling is taking you from point a to point b to point c, etc. it’s: Hi, nice to meet you. Tell me about your pain...

Sales is about buying your stuff. It’s: “This thing costs $997. Will that be credit card or invoice?”.

The "Sale" or the "Sell"

The sale is about you. Selling is about them.

When you make the sale it’s because they bought. The sell is much more than that.

If you’re focused on the sale, you’re focused on the transaction. You’re focused on the close. Yay for you.. you have 10 sales for the month. If you get to 12 you win some prize and make more money this month.

If you focus on selling, you’re working a process. You’re meeting more people all the time. You’re building relationships. You’re educating, assisting, entertaining, living life with people. You get new business all the time.

If you’re focused on selling you’re concerned with how they use your product after they take possession. If you’re focused on the sale, you’re moving to the next transaction once you close a deal.

If you’re focused on sales, every time someone sees you, they keep one hand on their wallet. Because they know the only time they see you is when you want more money.

If you’re focused on selling, you’re making sure once they take ownership of the product or service, they get the most out of it. You’re helping them use what they paid for. You’re always there. Not just when it’s time for more money. And because of that, you have way more opportunity for upgrades with zero friction.

Mastering The Sell

Become a master of sales and you’ll close deals. Become the master of selling and you’ll build lasting relationships that feed your family for a lifetime.

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