How MSPs Can Charge Whatever Price They Want With No Objections

How MSPs Can Charge Whatever Price They Want With No Objections


The last deal you lost, what was the reason? Want to hear what most salespeople or owners who sell will answer that question with?

Watch this video or listen to the podcast episode to hear the answer directly from Keenan who is the author of the great book Gap Selling. In this episode, we’re going to talk about how MSPs can charge whatever price you want.

What is Gap Selling?

If you have not read Gap Selling, we at audIT highly recommend you do. One of the things I love about audIT is that every good book on selling reinforces why audIT works. I’ve had users tell me that some book they read was like audIT in print. It’s a great testimony to why audIT works.

We talk about Gap Selling a lot because it hits on some very important concepts that audIT was built on. So, if you’re an audIT user, the book will help you use audIT better.

Should price be an issue?

In this video, Keenan gives a powerful way to help you get past the idea that price is an issue. This will give you a new perspective on pricing and how it works.

As an MSP you should not be competing on price. There are a few reasons for this.

There are the self-serving reasons which are that you should bring in enough revenue to pay your people well, cover your overhead, pay you well and allow you to scale your business. Every business should do that with no excuses or guilt.

It’s not just about money

But there’s another reason and it’s just as important.

It’s because if you don’t charge enough, you underserve your client(s).

IT is becoming more complex and dangerous by the minute. You see and hear news about big cyber-attacks almost daily. You know just how bad of an impact this can have on an SMB. So, you owe it to them to provide the absolutely best protection you can for them.

Not to mention if you don’t, and they get hacked, you could be liable. If your insurance company decides you never sold them a service that would have protected them, they may not protect you.

If you’re competing on price, you’re doing yourself, your staff, your company, your client(s) and your own future a huge disservice. Every MSP should feel comfortable and confident with charging the prices required to provide the value the client(s) need.

Learn more about Keenan and Gap Selling

Make sure to listen to the entire podcast episode and/or watch the video with special guest Keenan.

To see the full un-edited video with Keenan, head here.

You can get the book Gap Selling here on Amazon. This really is essential reading for anyone selling IT services.

To learn more about Keenan, click here.