MSP Sales Tools: The Correct Way To Create An audIT

MSP Sales Tools: The Correct Way To Create An audIT

Every now and then I get asked by an audit user how they should make their outputted sales presentation look. They want to know if they should make sure there are enough red items on their report to make it look more compelling to their prospect. Some ask if they should put less red on the report when using the audIT presentation in a QBR/TBR to make themselves look better.

Because audIT allows the flexibility you need to build effective sales presentations, this is a very important question. One that deserves deeper discussion in this article.

Here’s the answer and how it effects effective MSP sales

The answer is always the same and pretty simple: Just make it honest. Use all the things you know or have learned during your fact finding to clearly show them where they are today.

MSP Sales Means Always Be Honest

The goal of a great technical assessment is to understand the current state of their IT, uncover problems they are experiencing and the impact of all this on their business now and into the future. This becomes your guiding light to understand how to create the future state (what you will propose for them).

Effective MSP sales means showing current state, the future state and the value gap between. This at the core of creating a winning sales presentation.

However, above all, it must be honest

If things are terrible, you should be reporting that. If things are great, you should be reporting that. Whatever the result is, you need to report on that and be able to back that up with facts.

This is the same answer to the question on any sales presentation whether you’re an MSP sales professional/owner or selling something else. Make it honest.

The audIT difference

This is where audit is different than all the other MSP sales tools out there. It’s designed specifically to make sure you, the MSP, decide what it all means to their business. audIT doesn’t just pull in data and pump out a report. You, as the expert, decide what it all means and make sure the presentation reflects your findings in a clear and simple way.

A problem with MSP sales tools that do pull data and then report on that data, is it can show what one audit user refers to as ‘a false positive or a false negative’. What this user means by this is that sometimes the tool may show something is good (green) where it actually needs to be bad (yellow or red).

Or it could be the other way around where it’s showing something is bad when you know as the expert it’s fine as is. Therefore you, the MSP, have to analyze the data and decide what it means inside of a tool like audIT. You as the MSP must change this false positive or negative yourself before presenting the output.

This is not to say these kinds of MPS sales tools or other tools with reporting are bad

On the contrary, there are many great tools that collect valuable and important information that helps MSPs do their jobs. The problem arises when these tools make MSPs lazy and they take shortcuts. By this I mean using technical output to present with. Big no-no!

Don’t allow handy tools to remove the most important thing from the process: You! What makes MSPs so valuable is your input into this data as the expert.

Just imagine a doctor taking all that technical mumbo jumbo an MRI might output and just handing it to the patient. The doctor’s job is to first analyze it and decide what it means to this specific patient based on a wide amount of information the machine missed. Like age, how much exercise they get, family history and a bunch of other things a machine just cannot pull.

The doctor must put it all this into language the patient understands and adjust the recommendations based on more than just machine output.

This is why a doctor is paid extremely well. Be the doctor, not the technician. Leave the technician part of you back in the office.

audIT allows complete control to edit the data

However, as important and powerful as this is, I want to caution every audIT user to not misuse this. You can, if you wanted to, make everything red. Even if that’s a bald-faced lie.

With audIT, we give you ultimate control to take the technical information and transform it into a MSP sales presentation that not only sells, but also shows them the truth and what the impact is to their business.

Manipulating any report or presentation to tell them what you want them to think instead of the truth is no way to win any deal. Anyone who does this would eventually get found out and their reputation would be ruined.

Do the right thing and reap the rewards: More MSP sales

audIT is the most powerful MSP sales tool available. Always be honest even if it costs you the sale. Like if you end up having to report that the prospect’s current MSP is doing a fantastic job, this will earn you trust and respect. And in the end, will bring in more business as a result.

Always, always, always… make it honest.

If you’re not yet an audit user, make sure to book a demo and see why audIT is the #1 MSP sales presentation tool available.

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