What Does Selling Mean To You As An MSP

What Does Selling Mean To You As An MSP

How do you approach the sales process in your MSP?

When you're speaking to a sales person, do you feel like you're being sold or helped? When you're the sales person, how do you think the other person is feeling during the process or speaking with you?

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What selling is NOT

Selling is not persuading. It’s not convincing someone to do something. It’s certainly not fooling a rube into buying something they don’t need at a higher price than they should pay for it.

Sales is helping people solve problems and relieve pain. A great salesperson is only here to help and serve.

And people buy solutions to their problems. I don’t care what you’re selling whether it’s diabetes medication or the most boring of IT solutions. The buyer buys because they have a problem. Your job is to learn what that pain is and understand whether you can help them and show them how.

We're here to help

When you approach this role of selling as simply being of service, everything changes.

You’re a doctor helping someone in need. You assess and learn what the issues and problems are. Then you prescribe the solution.