What Is A Sales Professional?

What Is A Sales Professional?

Let's talk about selling

Whether you own your MSP, are in sales, client services, technician or receptionist... you are also in sales.

Everything we do in our role, no matter how big and important or small and seemingly insignificant, we are either helping to get and keep clients or we’re helping to repel and lose them.

Even if you're not in sales do this

Whatever your role is in your MSP I invite you to learn the basics of selling.

One of the best places to start is by reading or listening to the audiobook called "How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie". It teaches the real fundamentals of what selling should be in a way no other book ever has.

Here's the link to get this on Amazon (Not an affiliate link).

No pressure

You don’t need to go out and prospect and close sales if that isn’t your job. But approach your role from a sales centric perspective where you actively try to listen to and help your customers. If your job is to take out the trash, think about how important it is that clients never see even a half full trash can.

Whatever your role, remember, you’re in sales too.