MSP News: 2FA Live In Your audIT Account Now

MSP News: 2FA Live In Your audIT Account Now


New feature: 2FA available now

Two Factor Authentication is now live and available in your audIT account. This can be activated through the subscription menu option.

Once you activate it, you will need Google Authenticator. Just enter the pin the next time you login.

Here's detailed help instructions:

With security being as important as it is, we knew this was something we needed to bring into audIT even though there is currently no sensitive data in the app. However, with all of the exciting new features we have coming your way in 2020, it was even more important we roll this out now.

Keep your eyes peeled for more new features coming soon. And let us know what you're looking for by emailing We love to hear what our members need and find ways to bring them to you.

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