Virtual Drinks With Rob Rae From Datto: Talking BCDR, Cybersecurity And The New Normal

Virtual Drinks With Rob Rae From Datto: Talking BCDR, Cybersecurity And The New Normal


In the video at the end of this article, audIT Founder Frank DeBenedetto was joined by Rob Rae, SVP of Business Development at Datto for a discussion on BCDR, Cybersecurity and the new normal. Frank and Rob dive into the present and future of sales in the MSP space.

What's happening in the channel now?

Rob shared where he sees the channel going as we get through this pandemic. He and Frank talked about the evolution of selling BCDR, Cybersecurity and the evolving needs of MSP clients.

With a long history and deep expertise in the channel, Rob interacts with many clients and fellow vendors which gives him a bird’s eye view of what’s really going on. He shared details on what he’s hearing now and provided an important roadmap for how MSPs should be approaching sales today.

What is Datto doing now?

Today Datto is focused on helping not selling. And Rob recommends this approach for MSPs as well.

However, even though they are not “selling”, they have not stopped selling. As Rob says, now is not the time for a sales pitch.

They’ve adjusted what they do carefully and today approach sales in a different way. Rob shares how Datto is approaching sales today and there are some great lessons in this approach that MSPs can use in their businesses right now.

Is there a swelling opportunity coming?

Frank and Rob dive into the new opportunities MSPs will have and the new challenges they will face as we all come out of this shut down period and the pandemic ends.

There will be pain. It won’t be easy.

But ultimately, Rob is very optimistic about the future for MSPs as he shared in this recent blog post Rob’s good news/silver lining blog.

What do you need?

Rob reached out to their MSP base and asked what they need. They got a ton of feedback and have been creating trainings, resources and content to answer.

The big goal for Rob and Datto is how they can help their partners get through this. If you’re a Datto partner, Rob suggests speaking to your account rep for help. If you’re not yet a partner of Datto, learn more about them and see all their resources here.

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