Does Selling IT Services Excite You?

Does Selling IT Services Excite You?

Last week’s blog article was about sales vs sell. It was the first in a series called; Mastering The Sell.  In this and the upcoming articles in this series, I will go over each of the steps to Mastering The Sell.

Pre-step: Be a listener

It’s the most important skill in sales. This is not even sales 101 stuff.  It’s a pre-requisite for sales 101. It’s what you need before you even get to step

The less you talk during the fact finding, the better. Ask great questions and let them tell you everything. If you do it right, they will tell you exactly what they need to hear from you during the presentation to say yes. Now, onto step 1 of Mastering The Sell...

Be excited

The first stop in this process is to be excited about what you are selling. If you’re not excited about what you offer, why should your prospect?

I don’t mean jumping up and down in some crazy animated way. You have to be yourself. Show it in the way that is most comfortable to you.

But if you’re not excited about what you sell, you should honestly take a long hard look inward to understand why.

How to get excited

In business, not everyone will like us. That’s just a fact. Not everyone liked The Beatles for goodness sake!

It’s really easy to focus on the problems. Or negative feedback we get. We can tend to focus way too much energy on that one complaint instead of the twenty great pieces of feedback we got in a day.

And when this happens, it’s easy to have our excitement stepped on. So, we need to shift the focus every day.

Here’s how

Take a step back. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes.

Forget about work. Forget about problems we all experience in our professional live. Take another breath. Keep your eyes closed.

Now imagine your client. Imagine the enjoyment that comes when they’ve taken ownership of what you sell.

Imagine, in your mind's eye, how your service/product positively impacted their business and life. Think about all the amazing things your service/product does to solve problems and help your clients achieve massive success. Focus on them and how their life has been improved thanks to your service/product.

Re-read those amazing emails you get from happy clients. Plow over the words where your client tells you just how important your service/product is to them.

Man, are you excited now? You should be. Do this EVERY day!

Take it with you

We humans transfer emotion to other humans just by being near them; in person or virtually. On a subconscious level, if you feel your service isn’t up to snuff, so will the other person. You can’t fake it.

So next time you’re heading into a sales meeting, close your eyes, breath and take yourself through that exercise.

Focus on the great things that come from working with your company. Don’t let anyone’s negativity creep in.

Every company has their haters and complainers. Forget them and focus on the excitement that comes by knowing your service/product can change lives of the vast majority of your happy clients.

Your prospects will feel that electricity the same as they feel negative vibes. Be excited and so will others!