3 Big Features Released To Make Your Life Easier And Help You ‘Wow’ Your Clients

3 Big Features Released To Make Your Life Easier And Help You ‘Wow’ Your Clients

We have released these 3 big new features today for audIT users to access immediately: Electronic Fact Finder, Business Impact Summary Statements and Kaseya BMS integration.

Here's the details of each:

Electronic Fact Finder

The highly requested and anticipated Electronic Fact Finder is here and ready in your account. You can now do all your fact finding on your tablet/computer or continue printing as a PDF.

Use our standard Fact Finder or create your own from the ground up to fit your unique needs. Add your own fact-finding questions to prompt whoever is doing the technical assessment, so they ask the questions you want answered.

You can choose from our provided fact-finding questions and sections, or create your own custom questions, sections, and templates. (Much more content to come).

Now when you are creating an audIT presentation, you can see the fact-finding questions right there for greater speed and ease.

Business Impact Summary Statements

As you already know, there’s a ton of sales psychology embedded in the audIT presentation. These subtle mental shortcuts position you as a trusted advisor and effortlessly guide your prospect to say yes with little to no price resistance.

In this spirit, we’ve just added another sales power-tool to your arsenal: Introducing the: The Business Impact Summary!

“You’re never selling a product. You’re selling the impact your product will have on your buyer’s current environment.” (Gap Selling – Keenan)

To better educate your prospects and clients on the impact of their current state, we have added Business Impact Summary Statements. This is a brand-new presentation section that lets you state the impact of their current problems. And remember, problems cause the pain, but the impact is what people buy on.

You can add your custom Business Impact Statements to any summary statement that does not have a satisfactory (green) score.

Once you add the business impact summary statements into any audIT, you will have a brand-new section in your presentation output that looks like this:

Kaseya BMS Integration

Lastly, we now have the ‘big three’ integrations. In addition to ConnectWise and Autotask, Kaseya BMS users can now sync your Companies, Contacts, and Agreements to audIT.


More to come

Our team of developers is growing rapidly and working hard to bring you some powerful new features this year. We cannot wait to hear your feedback on this latest release. And we’re very excited to bring you even more power to your audIT subscription.

Let us know what you think, and of course, if you need help with anything please email or chat in.