5-Step Sales Planning And Tracking System For MSPs

One of my favorite things about what I do is hearing that an MSP is closing more sales using audIT. Especially when they report they are not only closing more deals, but charging higher prices than ever before.

Of course not every MSP uses audIT (not yet anyway). And not every MSP tracks their numbers therefore they have no idea what their close rate even is.

Is audIT A Sales Or QBR Presentation Tool For MSPs

Here’s A Question We Get Asked A Lot
What is audIT? Is it a sales tool for MSPs? Is it a QBR tool for MSPs? Something else?

Sometimes I think what audIT does and the way it works is so simple that MSPs get confused by it. Not to mention there’s really nothing else like audIT available to MSPs. So we’re in the unique position of having to explain something brand spanking new in the MSP marketplace.

Sales Tool For MSPs Increases Revenue

Who Else Wants To Increase MRR By Five Times?
What if you could get more of your prospects saying yes and hiring your MSP with ease? And what if you could get those prospects saying yes even though you're five times more expensive than what they pay their current MSP? And what if you could do this not just once, but over and over and over again just by using a simple sales tool for MSPs?

This is exactly what happened to audIT founder and CVO Frank DeBenedetto recently.

How QBRs+ audIT = Happy Clients And More Revenue

Webinar Replay
audIT is both a sales presentation and a QBR presentation tool. In this webinar, I am joined by audIT founder and CVO Frank DeBenedetto.

Not only is Frank the founder of audIT, he runs a successful MSP in New Jersey. In fact, audIT was really created to help Frank sell in his own MSP. It ended up working so well, and word got out, the software was released to the MSP community.

audIT Names New CEO

MSP Industry Veteran Brett Jaffe has been named CEO of audIT Sales Presentation System. Brett brings over 20 years of leadership and channel experience to the already strong team at audIT.

As a former MSP, business owner, channel leader, and current EOS Implementer, Brett brings a powerful set of skills and a unique vision to audIT.

“This is going to be an amazing change for audIT” said Frank DeBenedetto, company founder.

audIT Brings On Mark Shehan To Help Re-Build The audIT Platform

Former MSP, Technology Marketing Toolkit Producer's Club Mentor (also just named Head Client Coach for Technology Marketing Toolkit's Accelerator's Program) and owner of Pioneering Programmers, a software and web development company based in Texas, Mark brings 40 years of software experience to audIT.

audIT is a SAAS tool that lets MSPs take the data they collect from their clients and transforms it into beautiful presentations that are emotionally compelling and simple for even the most non-technical person to understand.

What Is A Sales Professional?

Let's talk about selling
Whether you own your MSP, are in sales, client services, technician or receptionist... you are also in sales.

Everything we do in our role, no matter how big and important or small and seemingly insignificant, we are either helping to get and keep clients or we’re helping to repel and lose them.

What Does Selling Mean To You As An MSP

How do you approach the sales process in your MSP?
When you're speaking to a sales person, do you feel like you're being sold or helped? When you're the sales person, how do you think the other person is feeling during the process or speaking with you?

Check out the latest video blog to hear my thoughts on what sales and selling really is.

Old School Hack MSPs Use To Make Summer Their Busy Season

Selling MSP services in the summer doesn't have to be difficult
In the last blog post, I talked about how to overcome the summer selling slump by changing your mindset. They need help in the summer as much as any time of the year.

This week I have a little trick to keep your pipeline filled all summer.

How MSPs Can Overcome The Summer Selling Slump

Do not stop pushing new business development in the summer. If anything, push harder.

Ever have a prospect give you the old summer excuse when you try to pin them down?

"We can’t meet with you until September because everyone is on vacation."

Don’t pay any attention to it.