What Is The “Effective” IT Monthly Expense?

The problem for many IT professionals is that after the prospecting meeting is over, no matter how good a rapport you had with someone or how well your proposal was received, all your prospect has is a bottom line price on a piece of paper. And it’s too easy for them to compare your price to any competitor without understanding the true difference in value.

How Is The Audit Score Calculated?

When you’re ready to show a prospect the deficiencies in their IT environment, the audit score will be your ally.

It will show, on a scale of 0-100, the health of their environment and give them an immediate visual that will have an emotional impact.

How audIT Helped New Jersey MSP TechWerxe Close A Sale

The following is a story submitted by an audIT subscriber. Find out how the audIT Sales Presentation System worked in a real-world scenario and helped close a sale for Tejas.

Dear Frank,

I wanted to send you a quick note on behalf of TechWerxe in regards to audIT. We got our first chance this week to utilize this product at a client that hired us to perform a thorough evaluation of their full computing environment.