One Of The Most Effective Sales Formula You Can Use In Your MSP

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Problem… agitate… solve…
It’s a tried and true technique I first learned about from Dan Kennedy many years ago in his book The Ultimate Sales Letter. The idea is to bring up the problem/pain. Then reveal just how bad that problem/pain is by agitating the daylights out of it.

The New Rapid Assessment For Easy MSP Prospecting

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audIT founder Frank DeBenedetto was recently a guest of Robin Robin’s from Technology Marketing Toolkit. On the webinar, Robin shared her new marketing campaign for her 10-minute call.

The webinar was titled: How To Nail The “10-Minute Call” With A New Prospect To Guarantee The MSP Close.

MSP Panel Discussion – Selling IT Services

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I had the privilege of being joined by 3 great MSPs and audIT users. They joined me to talk about selling IT services and how they are using audIT.
The panel:
Paul Havens – CEO of IT Haven

Angel Rojas – CEO of DataCorps Technology Solutions

Bob Coppedge – CEO of Simplex-IT and author of two books on Co-Managed IT services

You can see the full video interview at the end of this blog post.

How Does The Data Get Into audIT?

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Here it is, the top question(s) we get asked at audIT. It’s usually the first question out of the mouth of an MSP looking into audIT.

They are:

Does audIT scan the network?

Does audIT pull in data from other tools like Rapid Fire Tools?

How does the data get into audIT?

But the interesting part of these questions is MSPs ask it for different reasons.

MSP News: How To Present IT Services Virtually

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It’s a brave new world. And as I write this on June 9th, I doubt I need to explain the details of why and how.

Actually, we (audIT), started talking about this internally back in March. We wanted to make sure nothing would change for our users.

Using audIT For QBRs/TBRs/ABRs: Case Study with Chadwick Holloman

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One of my personal great joys is to hear how audIT is helping an MSP. It truly is rewarding to hear that audIT is bringing in revenue and making it easy for our users to do their jobs.

So I was thrilled to have Chadwick Holloman join me as well as the founder of audIT, Frank DeBenedetto, for this great case study.