MSP NEWS: Super Easy Prospecting That Any MSP Can Do

People, me included, over think prospecting. I think I need a system and get in my own head. Many times, the truth is it’s just fear of hearing ‘No’. So, I make up all sorts of reasons not to start. Sound familiar?

When this negative self-talk enters my mind, I have a very simple prospecting method.

Effective IT Monthly Expense – audIT Expert Series

If you want to close more sales without objections, price anchoring should absolutely be included in your presentation. With audIT, we price anchor with the Effective IT Monthly Expense.

Price anchoring is where you establish a price point the prospect can refer to when they are making their final purchase decision.

If Your MSP Were A Car, Which Of These Would It Be?

The real reason a prospect decides not to hire your MSP (and it is not price)
I have a question for you. Imagine you need to purchase a car but there are only three left on Earth to choose from. How would you choose which one to buy?

Each car is exactly what you want.

audIT MSP Insider | Cyberteam Case Study

I recently had the great pleasure of sitting down with long time audIT user Leonard (Lenny) Galati, CEO of Cyberteam, an MSP located in Purchase, NY.

Lenny graciously shared a ton of great insight on how Cyberteam went from break fix out of a basement to almost 2 million dollars in annual revenue with 8 employees.

5-Step Sales Planning And Tracking System For MSPs

One of my favorite things about what I do is hearing that an MSP is closing more sales using audIT. Especially when they report they are not only closing more deals, but charging higher prices than ever before.

Of course not every MSP uses audIT (not yet anyway). And not every MSP tracks their numbers therefore they have no idea what their close rate even is.

What Is A Sales Professional?

Let's talk about selling
Whether you own your MSP, are in sales, client services, technician or receptionist... you are also in sales.

Everything we do in our role, no matter how big and important or small and seemingly insignificant, we are either helping to get and keep clients or we’re helping to repel and lose them.

What Does Selling Mean To You As An MSP

How do you approach the sales process in your MSP?
When you're speaking to a sales person, do you feel like you're being sold or helped? When you're the sales person, how do you think the other person is feeling during the process or speaking with you?

Check out the latest video blog to hear my thoughts on what sales and selling really is.

Old School Hack MSPs Use To Make Summer Their Busy Season

Selling MSP services in the summer doesn't have to be difficult
In the last blog post, I talked about how to overcome the summer selling slump by changing your mindset. They need help in the summer as much as any time of the year.

This week I have a little trick to keep your pipeline filled all summer.