MSP News: 2FA Live In Your audIT Account Now

New feature: 2FA available now
Two Factor Authentication is now live and available in your audIT account. This can be activated through the subscription menu option.

Once you activate it, you will need Google Authenticator. Just enter the pin the next time you login.

What audIT Sales Presentation System Can Do For Your MSP

I recently had the great pleasure to sit down with long time audIT user, Chris Long, from Computer Trouble Shooters in North Phoenix. Chris graciously shared his experience using audIT in this short video. Some of the key takeaways below the video with a link to jump to that exact spot in the video.

MSP NEWS: Before You Start Prospecting

Want to crush it in your MSP this year with your prospecting? Want some ideas you can implement right away? Want them to be fast, easy and cheap?


You do?


This may not be the blog post you want. But it is the blog post you need!

And I am pretty sure you’ll thank me later when I do give you some ideas you can implement right away.

MSP NEWS: Super Easy Prospecting That Any MSP Can Do

People, me included, over think prospecting. I think I need a system and get in my own head. Many times, the truth is it’s just fear of hearing ‘No’. So, I make up all sorts of reasons not to start. Sound familiar?

When this negative self-talk enters my mind, I have a very simple prospecting method.

Effective IT Monthly Expense – audIT Expert Series

If you want to close more sales without objections, price anchoring should absolutely be included in your presentation. With audIT, we price anchor with the Effective IT Monthly Expense.

Price anchoring is where you establish a price point the prospect can refer to when they are making their final purchase decision.

If Your MSP Were A Car, Which Of These Would It Be?

The real reason a prospect decides not to hire your MSP (and it is not price)
I have a question for you. Imagine you need to purchase a car but there are only three left on Earth to choose from. How would you choose which one to buy?

Each car is exactly what you want.

audIT MSP Insider | Cyberteam Case Study

I recently had the great pleasure of sitting down with long time audIT user Leonard (Lenny) Galati, CEO of Cyberteam, an MSP located in Purchase, NY.

Lenny graciously shared a ton of great insight on how Cyberteam went from break fix out of a basement to almost 2 million dollars in annual revenue with 8 employees.