How To Create A Proposed audIT That Sells

You have a prospect and want to create an audIT for them. If you’re an audIT user, here’s how you should do it.
But first, what is Gap Selling?
In the book Gap Selling by Keenan, he explains it as this: Gap selling is a process of tactfully challenging buyers’ assumptions, exposing (and sometimes confirming) the true size of their problem, then correctly assessing the impact it will have on their lives.

MSP Sales Tools: The Correct Way To Create An audIT

Every now and then I get asked by an audit user how they should make their outputted sales presentation look. They want to know if they should make sure there are enough red items on their report to make it look more compelling to their prospect. Some ask if they should put less red on the report when using the audIT presentation in a QBR/TBR to make themselves look better.

The Big List Of Prospecting Mistakes MSPs Make

In my 20 plus years as a sales professional, I have kept a list of prospecting mistakes to avoid at all costs. The list started small many years ago. And I have added to it as I learn from both experience and my continual study of sales and prospecting specifically.

MSP Taps audIT To Develop Non-Technical Sales Process

Nathan Howell is Vice President of Sales and Development at Advantec Solutions, Inc. When Nathan came to the Oklahoma City based MSP, he brought 20 plus years of sales experience with him.

What Nathan did not have was IT experience. In fact, he was brand new to the IT industry.

MSP Panel Shares Their Sales Process

4 MSPs recently joined me on a demonstration of the audIT system. This panel of power users shared how they are using audIT in their MSPs.

One attendee asked a great question that each of the panelists answered. She wanted to know if each of them would be willing to give a quick overview of their sales process so she can get a better understanding of how to better use audIT herself.

The Perfect Close With Author James Muir

Don't tell my other guests because I love them all. But I have to say this was my favorite interview right here.

First, my guest, James Muir's book The Perfect Close is great and a must own for any salesperson/sales manager. If you're selling IT services, this is the book you need right now.

Effective Communication For MSP Selling Success

John Bates is the CEO and founder of Executive Speaking Success. He is a Leadership Communication expert whose large & small group trainings, keynotes & executive level leadership, presentation, speaker coaching and media training for Fortune 100 companies are world renown.

MSP Sales Academy – Never Overcomplicate IT Sales

Over the past 4 months now (as I write this on February 1, 2021), Eric Torres from Datto has joined me regularly to film trainings for the MSP Sales Academy. These trainings are often cut into quick and easily consumed videos that are only a few minutes long.